Why property auctioneering?

You don’t need to spend too long researching property trends to know that property auctions are becoming an increasingly popular way of buying and selling houses:

Nowadays, most agents are both estate agents and letting agents, despite these jobs requiring different skillsets. At Open Door, we solely focus on two methods of selling – modern auction and estate agency – and don’t get distracted by broken boilers!

  • According to Auction Finance UK, in the first six months of 2014, it witnessed a 135% increase in funded auction sales with some regions of the UK growing by up to 370%;
  • 12 months later, Auction House reported a record number of property sales between January and June 2015;
  • And in March 2016, auction monitoring body EIG reported a 17% increase in auction lots in 2015, a 27% increase in auction sales and a 63% increase in total auction revenues.

This suggests that consumers are tiring of the uncertainty created by open market sales and are looking for a better way. This is where Open Door comes in.

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